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Unethical behaviour or corruption and its remedy

A Muslim has priority to strive to cleanse his (spiritual) heart, because heart is the

leader of the body and all organs are under its command. Our Prophet Muhammad once said: “There is a piece of meat in the human body. If this is good, all the organs will be good. If this is evil, all the organs will be evil. This piece of meat is the heart.”

Spiritual Culture In Islam

All actions should be Amr-bil-Maruf

Changing or transforming the state of the heart from undesirable, unwanted, unacceptable-morals or habits to desirable good-habits is possible. Our Prophet once said, "Improve your morals (habits or character)." Islam does not order commandments that cannot be accomplished. Human beings do not possess equal ability to correct their unacceptable deficient morals.

“Millions of human souls belonging to diverse races and nationalities in Asia, Africa; Europe and America received spiritual blessings through his dynamic and refulgent personality and numerous Islamic missionary societies, mosque schools, hospitals, libraries, infirmaries, orphanages and periodicals sprang up in the wake of his immortal missionary labours.” By Maulana Shah Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddique (Rahmatullaahi alai)

The Islamic Economy Has Been Built Upon Social Justice.

The bitterness of cares and sorrows is like the bitterness of useful medicine that will cure a disease.

Imam Ghazali says that he who does not know astronomy and anatomy cannot realize Allah's existence.

Islamic Channels