The mercy, the favours, and the blessings of Allah Ta'ala are so great that they are unlimited. Because He felt pity for His born servants, He revealed through an angel to His Prophets the good deeds to be done and the evil deeds to be avoided. He also revealed the Holy Books wherein His Orders were sent to them so that they could live on the earth brotherly, happily and in comfort, and thereby attain eternal happiness, and the endless blessings of the Hereafter.

Only the Holy Qur’aan has remained uncorrupted, but all the other books were changed by malevolent people. The more you observe the fards (obligatory duties) and harām (prohibitions), that is, the principles (ahkām) in the Holy Qur'aan, the happier and the more comfortable a life you can lead, no matter whether you are an atheist or not, a believer or not, aware, or not.

This is comparable the fact that a good medicine enables everybody to get rid of his pain and problem, if it is used. That is why those who are non-Muslims, or even atheists, and some nations that are the enemies of Islam are successful in many of their businesses, and lead a very happy and comfortable life by working in conformity with the laws in the Holy Qur’aan.

On the other hand, many people who claim to be Muslim, and who do their worships as a mere formality, are living in misery and discomfort, because they do not follow the divine rules and the high morality written in the Holy Qur’aan. To attain eternal happiness in the Hereafter by following the Holy Qur’aan, it is necessary to believe in it first, and then to follow it consciously and intentionally.

Today, thousands of medicines, household appliances, industrial and commercial goods, electronic instruments, and war vehicles are manufactured in factories. Many of them are manufactured after sophisticated calculations and hundreds of experiences are done. Do they say even about one of them that it is self-created?

On the one hand, they say all those above-mentioned things have been manufactured consciously and willingly by a certain manufacturer; on the other hand, they claim that so many millions of substances and phenomena that are seen on living and lifeless beings, and new and subtler ones of which are being explored in each century, so that we do not know the structures of most of them yet, are self-created. How can this hypocrisy be explained except as extreme obstinacy or explicit stupidity?

By thinking and observing well, it can be understood that were it not for the cares and disasters in the world, the world would have no value. Tragic events and misfortunes do away with the darkness and dullness of the world. The bitterness of cares and sorrows is like the bitterness of useful medicine that will cure a disease.

The hurt in the heart causes acceptance. Then, we, who always think of our physical comfort and pleasures, and who always run toward this purpose, are in a very difficult situation.

Allah Ta'ala declares: “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except that they may worship Me the fact that disbelievers do not worship Allah Ta’ala does not contradict this statement since a purpose does not have to be realised in an act for it to be valid as when you may say ‘I sharpened this pencil in order to write with it’ even though you might not actually write with it.” Tafsir al-Jalalayn of Surah Adh-Dhāriyāt (Drivers of the Winds), Ch51:56

Worships are designed to break the heart and to enable it to understand its lowness. Man's creation is intended so that he will despise and humble himself. This world is like a dungeon when compared to the Muslims' life after death, the blessings of Paradise. It is unreasonable for Muslims to seek pleasure and dissipation in this dungeon. Then, it is necessary to get used to sufferings, torments, and trouble in this world. There is no other way than putting up with the afflictions here (in this world). May Allah Ta'ala, for the sake of your blessed ancestor (Rasulullah ), bless us, His weak born servants, with walking in this way! Amin.


In short, unless the nafs is purified and wakes up from the dream of being a chief, being superior, it is impossible to escape perdition. Before going to endless death, it is necessary to consider saving the nafs from this illness. The blessed word La ilāha illAllah dispels all the mendacious idols inside and outside of man, and so it is the most useful, the most effective medicine for purifying the nafs. Great men of tasawwuf chose this word for the purification of the nafs.

Translation of a Persian couplet:

Unless the road is cleaned with the broom of La,

You will not attain to the palace of illAllah!

If the nafs goes astray and becomes obstinate, it is necessary to refresh the imān by expressing this word. Our Prophet stated, "Renew your imān by saying Lā ilāha illAllah!" It is always necessary to say it, for the nafs-i ammāra is always filthy.

The following hadith ash-Sharif states the virtues of this beautiful word of tawhid: "If they put the earth and the heaven on one scale of the balance and this word of tawhid on the other scale, certainly the scale on which this word is laid will weigh heavier."

Salāms to those who are on the right way and to those who follow the footsteps of Muhammad Mustafa !

La ilāha illAllah is the medicine.

The blessed word La ilāha illAllah dispels all the mendacious idols inside and outside of man, and so it is the most useful, the most effective medicine for purifying the nafs.