If an extensive place has been assigned to a private enterprise so that everyone can do the labour he likes, then no one has the right to interfere with the earnings from the sweat of another's brow. Islam recognizes the right to own property and to dispose of it. Nobody lays hands on or snatches away another's property. Shari’ah even commands us to protect another's (Muslim or non-Muslim) property. The manipulation of this Islamic justice, the exploitation of the human rights and earnings of those who work by a lazy, cunning group is possible through either one of two ways: socialism or capitalism.

The first type of exploitation is socialism. An Arabic translation of this word is al-Ishtirakiyya. Socialism means State capitalism. In socialism, all-natural resources, industries, agriculture, trade, and culture have been nationalized. Personal enterprise is prohibited. Everybody must do the work assigned by the capitalist State and work where the State orders him to work.

The earnings or salary for the labour are given to the State: The fortunate minority that has obtained power within the State government takes away what the people earn by the sweat of their brows. They give the people as much food, drink, and clothing as to enable them to live in the worst conditions. A certain group exploits the people. The duty of this minor group is to oppress and torment the people, to tell lies, to slander, and to propagandize. All earnings are spent so that this group may lead an extraordinary, pleasant, and comfortable life, and so that their plans may be fulfilled.

There are two kinds of socialism: The first one is democratic socialism. In this kind, they can obtain power over the government through free elections. And they may lose power after a new election. The second kind of socialism is revolutionary socialism. Revolutionary socialism is also called communism.

In the year 1848, Karl Marx and his colleague Engels produced the Declaration of Communism. This declaration invited all the workers of the world to unite, and asked the united workers to put an end to the capitalistic system of economy with a revolution. Marx and his friends, to realize this purpose, established the First Workers' International in 1863. This organization, after many civil struggles, perished in 1876. In 1880, the socialist parties in Europe united with one another and established the Second International. This unity among the European socialist parties still survives.

It is not possible for an individual to be a Muslim and a Communist at the same time, because they are opposites that cannot co-exist in the same individual without one of them prevailing and the other being eliminated. Whoever is a Communist cannot be a Muslim. Communism involves different kinds of unashamed kufr, such as denying the existence of Allah Ta’ala, denying the existence of the unseen worlds, making a mockery of the religion of Allah, and looking down on it, and flouting its laws and morals. Communists are among the kuffār in refutation of whom Allah says: “Have they not been created from some source, or are they themselves the creators? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather they are not certain.” Surah at-Tur, H52:35-36, is a translation of Kanzul Iman by World Islamic Mission international, Karachi, Pakistan.

How can the Muslim follow a group of communism whose belief and misconduct is as such?

The Islamic Economy Has Been Built Upon Social Justice.

Shari’ah even commands us to protect another's (Muslim or non-Muslim) property.