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Doing scientific research from an Islamic point of view to promote the integration of minorities like Muslims and, moreover, anything directly or laterally related or conducive to it, all in the broadest sense of the word.

With this intention, we aim to shape Qadi-e-Ahle Sunnat's objectives worldwide to form a solidarity with other Sunni institutions. For this we organize and participate internationally in Islamic-, Sufi- and secular courses, training, seminars, and conferences.


The foundation Noorani Islamic Research Institute (NIRI) is a NGO and assigned to the great grandmaster of Islam, Imam Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Qadri Razvi (may Allah be pleased with him). He advocated worldwide: “A system of virtuous steadfastness .... a political system of security and justice .... an economic system of justice and directives .... a spiritual system of meditative thinking and inner reflection and remembering of Allah .... and a social system of brotherhood.”



Download, share, and / or read online for free our works: Islamic books and articles in Dutch and English of varied topics such as faith, Qur’aan, Ahadith, biography, politics, sciences, justice, Sufism, and history.


What is culture?

Standards and values, traditions, business, leadership, politics, people, slavery, medicines, and more facts.


Historical facts about the mighty Sunni community, the progress that Islam has brought in the world in many scientific fields such as infrastructure, standards and values, technology, and human rights.

Islam Today

The misconduct of the West and non-Muslims in the World. Developments in regions.

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Only Islamic Finance can save the world standard.


We help students at all levels to succeed through professional private tuition, education consultancy and careers mentoring. Our professors and tutors can improve your understanding and ability, increase your confidence, accelerate your learning, and improve your grades.

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Islamic Finance Dubai

Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions